Our Mantra

You will notice this tagline on our logo; it’s actually a mantra for us. Every child has his/her own learning journey and we acknowledge this but we also then work with the individual to find their way through new concept comprehension and absorption.

It is the cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy to recognize that each child will absorb information differently and through different approaches and because of this our teaching philosophy needs to have room for all kinds of learners. We ensure that this is followed from the very start and right up till the end at IGCSE/SSC levels. Being aware of our students’ individual needs has allowed us to have multiple abilities working together and getting the best out of their academic journeys.

A Prime Example

A prime example would be how well integrated students with diagnosed dyslexia can keep up with mainstream as the teacher learns to work with that particular child with a variety of ways that will work for him/her. It has been important, therefore, for us to be well aware of the strengths each child possesses and for this we have both in-house as well as outsourced ways to assess and evaluate, especially for children who may find mainstream studies challenging.