Community Development​

What good is an education if it isn’t put to use of constructing a better world beyond the school walls? The idea of giving back to the community is one that sticks well into adulthood only when introduced at the right time- during School years. 

In light of this, the School has invested in programs that allow students to reach out to other parts of the communities we live in and around. This includes but is not restricted to the children in orphanages, the destitute in shanty towns, the affectees of flood or earthquakes, the environment, cleanliness around us, the sick and the elderly, and also those affected by war or famine well beyond Pakistan. 

Another important initiative has been the EMS student internships program. This program is a giving-back scheme where students of the senior classes are firstly trained by their teachers on how to teach, and then they go on to conduct reading, vocabulary, and comprehension classes during the summer break to students from less privileged communities in their respective schools. The formal name for this program is Kutb Beeni, and its purpose is to help all children experience the joys of reading and seeing its impact on their overall learning. Our hope for the future is for this program to be run on weekends throughout the year inshaAllah.