instilling values aligned with Islamic principles information

Non-muslims are always welcome to join- they are in no way obligated to observe the religious traditions upheld through the year.

As a School with a conscious commitment to instilling values aligned with Islamic principles, we are very lucky to have created a niche for like-minded people who want their children to study at a place where religious values are accepted, celebrated, and reiterated while they receive modern education that is globally aligned.

We have a Tajweed program that starts children in Montessori with their Qaaida and continues till Class 3 by which time they have typically completed approx. 5 Juzz of Naazira Qura’an. At the same time, Hifz program focuses on sequentially helping children memorize every day Duas and then Surahs. Students follow the program at their own pace and there is no restriction or limitation.The culture carries on well beyond the Elementary section. With Naazira and Hifz also continuing until Class 8. Students who observe pardah are accepted and celebrated, senior students are taught in segregated spaces, Tafseer or Tarbiyyah workshops and talks are arranged, Qirat, Hifz competitions held, and the students pray Zuhr Salah in congregation at home-time.

Having said this, there are no compulsions. We observe a no-tolerance policy against any individual who may display behavior that shows bias towards or goes against any sect, school of thought, or any other religion.