Our parents and former students are full of praise for our holistic approach to the education of our students, both academically and as well-rounded, socially responsible, caring and patriotic individuals. 

Below are just a selection of the kind sentiments made about EMS.

My colleague and one my cousins children (went to EMS, CASA Branch). Were super satisfied. They were in opinion of that this is the best school for building discipline and teachers respect in children
F. B. Mrs
My 5 year old is going to EMS. CASA branch. I liked their approach towards online classes they divided the class in to groups of four and every group had a separate session in this way the teacher was able to give attention to every child.
A. M. Mrs
You can send your kid there and trust them blindly. They are the best.
F. B. Ms
I studied there and so did my siblings. I think it was one of the finest yet underrated schools. I am considering schooling my 3 year old there also.
M. K. Ms
My siblings and I studied there and now our kids go to the same school. High on discipline and academics. No frilly bits too.
A. S. Mrs