STEAM Standards

We have been investing our time and resources to ensure that we, as a School, are aligned with the needs of the 22 Century. At the top of the list is ensuring that Science subjects are offered to students updated for global STEAM standards.

As of 2019, the School has partnered with STEAM consultants at Robominors, working together to create Pakistan’s first uniquely designed STEAM coursework and training package for teachers.

Learning System

At the center of this new learning system that is being developed is a clear dedication to how our subject material and classroom practices will ensure that 21st Century Skills are instilled and celebrated.

Steam Labs

Our STEAM labs and an insight into some activities can make students more capable and handling stuff hand to hand. This is done by completely revising how classes & labs are conducted. 

Our Target

Our target is to change entirely how the teaching of science [and eventually other subjects like Maths and Geography etc] has been done in mainstream education. Science isn’t meant to be ‘taught’. Scientific principles and concepts are to be explored by students if we hope to develop the next generation of discoverers and scientists. 

We want our classrooms to come alive with explorative activities, problem solving projects, and the development of skills to help guide the children to becoming more in tune with all that is happening around them in our ever- evolving world.