EMS High School is on a quest to find a dedicated and passionate individual to fill the role of a Montessori Teacher. We are seeking a candidate who embodies the ethos of AMI training, dedicated to crafting a nurturing, inclusive learning environment. Your mission? To foster robust connections with students and ignite their journey towards reaching their full potential.


·       Embrace the title of a Montessori Teacher, guiding a specific grade level while building profound relationships with students and cultivating a supportive classroom environment.

·      Extend comprehensive guidance to students, nurturing their academic, emotional, and social development.

·   Implement the school’s curriculum and teaching strategies with finesse, adapting them to cater to individual learning styles and needs.

·       Thoughtfully plan and deliver captivating lessons that stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills.

·     Regularly assess student progress and provide timely, constructive feedback to students and their families.

·      Collaborate seamlessly with fellow educators and staff members, enhancing the overall educational experience.

·       Maintain open communication with parents/guardians, keeping them informed about their child’s progress and addressing any concerns.


         ·       Hold at least Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).

         ·     Previous experience as a Montessori Teacher or in a similar role is a significant advantage.

         ·  Possess a deep understanding of the subject matter and demonstrate familiarity with effective teaching methods and resources.


         ·       Present a minimum of 3 years of proven work experience as a Teacher/Homeroom Teacher.