Fun and Educational Online activities

We have been having lots of fun whilst continuing our learning from home. Below is just a selection of what we have been up to...


Grade 4 students covered; Layers of Atmosphere, The Earth’s Interior, Mountains, A River System and Lines of Latitude and Longitude in geography. The teacher gave students different project ideas for each unit. However, students were encouraged to be creative and think of their own ideas too. Students made their projects whilst online with the help of their teacher and their class fellows.  The students presented their projects in front of their class fellows by explaining what they made their project out of and they also explained their conceptual understanding of the topic they chose for their project. and teachers. A few students went out of their way and made PPTs for their project along with their projects.


The students of Grade 5 and 6 published their own stories on the Storyjumper website. This was an extremely popular activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Students loved the chance to write their own books and illustrate them too, just like a professional author.  This activity was designed to help students stretch their English creative writing skills, promote an interest in reading and empower children to see that they too can be an author if they wish in this digital world where the possibilities are endless!


Our Grade One’s  main focus in English was on LRSW i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. At the end of session, to give a boost to their speaking and creative skills character portrayal was introduced. Students chose their favourite character from their favourite books. They came up with amazing ideas and dressed up accordingly. Some chose to present their favourite character by creating an online enactment of their story. Mostly preferred to make the best use of props, three dimensional model and anchor charts. They were in high spirits and presented their favourite character creatively; indeed it was successful event.

Grade 2: Pakistan, the freedom movement, provinces, its map and territories

In the last part of this online session, students were introduced to the freedom movement, map, provinces and territories of Pakistan. After strengthening their background knowledge they were given a chance to explore their beloved country.

Teachers gave different topics to the students i.e. Facts and symbols, emblem and flag, provinces and territories of Pakistan but they were also encouraged to come up with unique ideas and themes.

The students gave creative and well elaborated presentations. They dressed up accordingly and made the best use of presentation mediums such as power point slides. Some students designed props, anchor charts and set a specific backdrop as per their topics. The major objectives were to develop patriotism, reinforcement and exploration; indeed we were successful in attaining them.


Grade 1 students were asked to make a dish (with minimum assistance from parents) for the potluck party scheduled for the last English class. Their parents were requested to make a video or take some pictures of them while they prepared their dish. The students were also given ideas and options of items to choose from.

The second activity was to make lemonade by following teacher’s instructions during the English class. The students were asked to be ready with the ingredients of lemonade before the class. The kids made lemonade together and enjoyed it along with the dish they had prepared.

It was a fun-filled activity. They were super excited during the whole lesson.