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About Us

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This year, in January 2020, EMS High School celebrated 30 years of its commitment to excellence in education, Alhumdolillah. 

In 1990, the school was established with a commitment to offering complete Montessori environment with fully trained directresses for both 3-6 and 6-9 year olds’ age groups. The School established itself slowly but surely through the years as a place that was committed to excellent education with a strong focus on values. Our small size helped establish the school population as a close-knit family and it is our distinct honor that we have managed to keep this aspect alive thirty years on.  

Hundreds of students have passed out of the School having given their IGCSE or SSC certificates since the first batch in year 2000. Our alumni have gone on to represent us in world-renowned colleges and universities, including but not limited to Columbia University, Boston University, London School of Economics, McGill, Purdue, University of California at Berkeley, LUMS, NUST, IBA, GIK, Army Medical College and many others both internationally and within Pakistan. These students have then gone on to work in distinguished organizations or have become entrepreneurs along the way. Many are well connected with their alma mater and many are now clients with their own children enrolled at the School. This in itself is testament to the trust EMS High School builds with its students for life.